GNOSIS Map Server


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Features Attributes Combiner
This process augments existing vector features with attributes available from a separate feature collection based on an attribute key.

Elevation contours tracer
This process computes contours over an elevation coverage, uniformly spaced by a given vertical distance.

Processes - Core / Modular OGC API Workflows adapter
This process enables the integration of servers supporting OGC API - Processes - Core within a modular workflow.

This process computes a route from waypoints based on an OSM roads network.

Point Cloud Gridifier
Generate a Digital Elevation Model or orthorectified imagery from a point cloud

Passthrough process
This process integrates inputs passing them through as an output, providing an opportunity to apply field modifiers.

Point Cloud Elevation
This process extracts elevation values from a point cloud and applies them as attributes to vector features.

Random Forest Classification of Fuel Vegetation Types
Output random-forest classified image using imagery and training feature dataset, for vegetation fuel-type classification

Maps rendering process
This process renders a map from input data layers.

MOAW-WCPS adapter
This process integrates a WCPS service as part of a MOAW workflow.

Echo Process
This process accepts any number of input and simply echoes each input as an output.